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When a child is born, the first thing that he reacts to is his mother’s soul. At birth, he does not realize his body or his mother's body, he only feels the soul. When she is finally born this separation from the mother is quite traumatic and the child wants to go back to the mother's womb. At this level, her mind and ego are not yet developed. It is a pure spirit, and it is the spirit that seeks comfort in the spirit of the mother, and through this connection the child seeks comfort and support in a new, unfamiliar environment. Such a reaction is true love, or unconditional love, it is not a response, but a pure joy in the unity of two spiritual beings.

The heart chakra is the abode of the true "I", the Spirit, the Atma-these words mean the same thing. Sri Mataji says, "You are the spirit that is inside of you." We need to understand and become the spirit and stop living in a silly, illusory world. We are beginning our path of spiritual growth after we have attained our own realization, when we stop identifying ourselves with the body, mind, and emotion. Only after such enlightenment can we direct our attention into our heart and cleanse it. The spirit is awakened only in a pure and open heart, and then we feel the endless joy of peace and understand the meaning and purpose of our stay here on earth. We cleanse our hearts through pure desire and through our attention. Pronunciation of mantras, such as "I am a pure soul" is very effective for our transformation, but this should not be a mechanical action but must come from the heart.


Pure love that enlightens us is the quality of the heart chakra. Before enlightenment we seldom love for the purpose of love, because we confuse love with lust because of our conditioning. Pure Love is unconditional, it has no purpose, like a tree that throws a shadow without prejudice and reason to anyone. True love comes from the heart, not the body or the mind.

In India, when the groom enters the bride's house, she greets him at the doorstep and pays homage to his spirit. Marriage is a spiritual union. Without the recognition of the spirit, marriage will be unstable. This condition, in turn, has an adverse effect on the heart center and makes it insecure. Hence, instead of trust between husband and wife, there is a latent anxiety. Many of the problems of insecurity in our society arise from such emotional scars, not only because of the anxiety about money and material things.

Love often mistakenly perceived as the love between a man and a woman. In fact, love is a flow of life that flows in all directions: between children and parents, sisters and brothers, friends, older people, etc. When people unite and care for each other, then the heart centre of the whole world opens. This creates a collective consciousness that changes the world for the better.

It's the power of love. Love is the fundamental principle of all the vibrations. We say that God is love, and love is God. There's no "I" and "You" in true love, but a spirit of unity. In this state we experience true human unity, the true union of life. We can be of different colors of skin, of different shapes, of different qualities, but once we become a spirit, all the drops become a single ocean with vibrations dancing to different rhythms, they take different forms, they go apart, and they connect again in the Eternal cosmic dance. Hatred and envy form a thread that flows in the opposite direction of cosmic rhythms. Where there is love, there is growth, a holiday, a joy and ascension.

Anahata Chakra- Heart Charka – What it’s responsible for

The green chakra resides in the middle of the chest.  It is responsible for the sensual thin body of man. Anahata connects the upper and lower chakras, allowing energy to circulate as intended by the creator. It combines the material, emotional, spiritual and intellectual origins of man. The symbol Anahata is the six pointed star. Its center symbolizes the heart chakra, and the vertices of the geometric shape, similar to the star of David, signify the rest of the chakras.

Among the things that Anahata (heart) chakra is responsible for at the physical level is the cardiovascular system, the arms and the skin. As in the case of chakra Vishuddha, the lungs fall into its sphere of influence.

There are many definitions that are meant to explain what love is. If you look at the value of Anahata, you can determine that it is a collection of physical desires, emotions and feelings, spiritual desires, and intellectual pursuits. Anahata is the energy center of love that depends on loving and caring, and compassion. That's why Anahata is a source of healing abilities.

Healing through magic is available only to people who can empathize with other people's problems, who can be compassionate, to feel love for all creatures living on earth. It is simply impossible to gain magical powers by ignoring chakras in general, and Anahata in particular.

It is responsible for the ability to establish contact with others, and without it, it is impossible to establish contact with the universe. In addition, Anahata gives you the opportunity to see the beauty of nature, its harmony and its cyclical character. A man who can observe the harmony of the world will seek to harmonize his life. Anahata turns words into feelings and emotions by interacting with the throat chakra. Flowing down to the solar plexus, the emotions are purified and replenished by a reserve of personal strength and vital energy.


The balanced heart charka paints the following picture.

A person with a healthy heart chakra remains faithful to their other half. They never cheat on their partner. Because, such people are well aware of what family values and are happily married.

Such individuals experience love for all. They feel the creator's power in any living creature. Such people can behold nature and love it. They often find themselves able to magically work through the forces of nature. An open Anahata does not allow you to be unsure. People with a harmonic heart chakra are not afraid to show their weak side. They're always confident, they don't have any internal conflicts.

A healthy chakra helps one to accept the feelings of others. Its holders are always calm about the emotions of close people. They also don't like to keep their emotions bottled up. In communication, people with a harmonious anahata like to be able to read the thoughts of others. They can feel the emotions and feelings of others, and also use their very developed intuition. Maybe that's why they're not afraid to express their feelings and be rejected. It's nice to talk to people like that. After talking to them, the problems and the difficulties just vanish.

However, the harmony of their internal peace is not violated, and emotions coming from the outside do not violate it. People who don't need to find an answer to a question about how to unlock anahata never have any problems communicating. They are sought for assistance in a difficult situations, and they readily come to the rescue, all the way being grateful that they are able to assist others. Such individuals are willing to help everyone who comes onto their path even those whom they do not know. They enjoy helping others.

When the heart charka is blocked.

If, on the other hand, the 4 Chakra Anahata is blocked, it is manifested in the form of frequent colds. There may also be insomnia, chronic fatigue and constant tension, and inability to relax and rest. In addition, heart diseases is a symptom of anahata imbalance. High or low blood pressure, frequent pains in the heart — these signs should be a cause of alarm.

Problems with the green chakra make a person incapable of fidelity. The problem in relationships is a first sign that there are issue in the heart charka and it is important for these inviduals to find out how to open their Anahata’s.  

Those with heart charka imbalance are often convinced that they are not worthy of love. They are rude and unemotional, most often unable to build a strong family. Such individuals are not always left alone, causing suffering to close people.

An individual with a closed heart chakra is unable to believe in miracles. The fact is that the power of faith goes into the etheric body of man through heart and throat chakras. If one of them does not work correctly, the person will close the emotions and feelings. He can love, but that love is far from divine. Selfishness is a rather mundane feeling. Sometimes people with imbalanced chakras enjoy to ridicule others ' feelings and consider expression of feelings as their weakness.

Sometimes imbalances in Anahata manifest in one imposing their feelings onto others. They want to forcefully take care of others regardless of whether others need their care. In this case, they will not get back what they gave to others because entrance of the heart chakra is blocked. This leads to emotional and energetic exhaustion, as well as anger and resentment against the entire world.

That is why it is so important to keep your heart charka in balance. Archangel Raphael’s energies can assist in keeping your Anahata balanced. Which is exactly what my world famout AA Raphael Disc does. It opens the heart charka and keeps it in balance, it connects one to the energy of AA Raphael and the healing universal energy of love and so much more. An overall healing disc AA Raphael is sure to find a special place in your heart.


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There are seven subtle bodies, or layers, around the physical body, which create the auric body system (aura). It is commonly said that these layers are like an onion, and that when you peel one away, you'll reach the next, but this is not true. As you extend inward, the one before is also present within the next aura layer. For example, the outer most body is the causal, or Ketheric body. The next is layer is the celestial body, which contains itself and the causal body. As you go inward, towards the first layer (the etheric) it will be the densest because it holds all seven subtle bodies. And of course, there is the physical body, which is the densest of them all.

The seven subtle bodies can be broken down as follows: There are three physical plane bodies, three spiritual plane bodies and the astral body, which is the bridge between the lower and higher bodies (some teachings claim that the astral is the fourth in the spiritual bodies). The lower three bodies process energies dealing with the physical plane, whereas the upper three process energies from the spiritual planes. Ịt is said that the energies from the higher planes must pass through the "fire of the heart" - the heart chakra-- to reach and be of full use by the lower bodies.

Each level of the aura has its own seven chakras, which are nested within the other auric chakras. As each layer extends outwards, the chakras vibrate at higher rates. So the seven chakras within the etheric body will be vibrating at a much lower frequency then the seven chakras within the causal body. So in actuality, the base chakra, for example, will have 7 major chakras, all vibrating at different frequencies. This way, energy can be transmuted between all bodies to all chakras.

First Layer (The Etheric Body)
This is the closest energy body to the physical. It is what is made evident through Kirlian photography. The etheric body extends one quarter to two inches beyond the physical body and pulsates at about 15-20 cycles per minute. The entire body, including organs, can be perceived but it is made of a bluish (emotional) or gray light (highly active).

Second Layer (The Emotional or Astral Body)
Since this is the emotional body, it is associated with feelings. It is more fluid in nature, and does not duplicate the body, as does the etheric body. This body is about one to three inches from the physical body. Unlike the etheric body, which is blue or grayish in nature, this is more like colored clouds that change color depending on what kind of emotions the person is going through. Love, joy, excitement, and even anger will result in very brilliant hues, whereas confused emotions will result in muddy tones. This body contains all the colors in the rainbow.

Third Layer (The Mental Body)
With an even more subtle composition, the mental body holds our thoughts and mental processes. It extends three to eight inches from the body, and generally has a yellow light, which radiates around the head and shoulders, and extends to the body below. This yellow will brighten if a person is deep in thought, or concentrating on mental activities. Although the color associated with this body is yellow, other colors are evident if there is an emotion associated with the thought (stemming from the emotional body).

Shared by Anna Merkaba " The “Clearing out of Past Emotions Reconnection Technique by Melchizedek” This technique is very simple and incredibly effective, as I’ve been testing this technique out on myself in the last few weeks and it works!

However, to help you visualize everything better and to put everything into the “physical” perspective I did receive a download of a grid for you to use. What’s interesting to me is that Natalya Ankh has received a template from Melchizedek at the same time for a tool which she has brought into our physical reality to help us reconnect better with ourselves, or rather to help reconnect all three of our subtle bodies “etheric, emotional and mental”.

Once again it is up to you to decide if you will need the assistance from various tools or not, but just like I always say, we can do everything on our own, such as walk, but we more often than not choose to drive a car to get places. The same thing here, all the tools that we are given by our benevolent counterparts are here to assist us in making these shifts as productive as possible, allowing us to move swifter through various dense energies, achieving self mastery and fully opening up to our true potential.

Melchizedek’s technique: At the moment of experiencing whatever emotion that comes over you, here’s what you would do:

fda46b18bef9d90972d37bd343ffecd6Step 1: The technique involves holding two fingers (index & middle) on your forehead where the third eye is. Thinking of the emotion that you are experiencing and stating “I understand that I am experiencing _____ (put whatever emotion you are experiencing here), for example “ I understand that I am experiencing anger. I fully understand that this is the emotion that I am experiencing. I understand and I acknowledge and accept that I am experiencing Anger. But… “

Image result for heart chakraStep 2.
As you acknowledge this emotion, you tap 3 times on your third eye with your fingers and then you move your hand slowly down to your heart chakra middle of the chest and as you hold your fingers on your heart chakra you say “But, although I appreciate having experienced the emotion of ___ (anger), and I do understand that I am experiencing this emotion due to whatever circumstances, I wish to replace this emotion with ___ (here you state whatever you want to replace this emotion with, for example “with peace” so that I can evaluate given circumstances from the place of Love” and then you tap 3 times on your heart chakra.

You should feel better immediately. Which would allow you to take a look at the situation that is causing you to feel this emotion from an impartial perspective where you would be able to evaluate what has happened and what has triggered you to feel this emotion, get to the root of the cause, understand the lesson, learn from it and finally let it go.

This technique is to help you to quickly get back to balance and keep a balanced outlook, to help your emotional body adjust to your heart’s signals and find balance in the most conflicting situations. However, you still need to really look at any situation in-depths in order to really learn from it and truly to let go of whatever the trigger is, that keeps you in an unbalanced state.


Here is where the Second Part of this equation comes in. What you see here is a grid that should help you by focusing your mind, and helping you to continue the releasing and letting go process. This is a way for you to consciously understand what is happening and release all of this through conscious evaluation and meditation.

What you would do is write down “what was” in the space where you see “what was” on this grid, think about everything that is causing you to continue experiencing this or that emotion and replace it consciously with whatever you wish there to be in its place by writing down whatever you wish to replace “what was” with “what is” into the space provided titled “what is”. After doing so, you would then meditate on this grid, on this picture you see below. This would help to further solidify a new understanding and cognition of issues that you have experienced which have brought you to this moment and help you move forward.


And finally, the tool that Melchizedek and the Company of Heaven have asked Natalya Ankh to bring forth into our physical reality called “Melchizedek’s Reconnection Tool”.

Melchizedek's Reconnection Device is imprinted with energies which assist all three of your subtle bodies to come into complete alignment, balancing out various energies and helping you to heal your body. This disc is The Healing  Key, that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase your feeling of well-being, and neutralize negativity. The disc can be placed on specific points of the body  for 10-15 min or so ,to bring relief. Keeping this tool near you also helps to ameliorate various conditions.

Since stones and crystals vibrate and emit pure, strong vibrations at constant rates, they can be used to help eliminate distortions and restore proper balance, leading to better overall physical, mental and spiritual well being. Each stone and crystal emits subtle vibrations that influence a specific area of your body. Matching the stone or crystal to its specific use allows you to get the most benefit from these natural gifts of harmony.

What this means is that while holding this tool in your hands and meditating upon this tool you would be introducing reconnective energies to assist all of these subtle bodies in adjusting and connecting with each other in order to work in unison, giving you an opportunity to purify yourself further and finally release whatever blockages you are experiencing in your life on an emotional front at this moment, assisting you in fully moving forward. To learn more about this tool please see :


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There is a lot of information available online that describe GAIA Sophia. But the following article written by Robert Kopecky from caught my eye and I would like to share it here with you today.

THE WORLD'S SOUL IS A WOMAN - THE GNOSTIC MYTH OF SOPHIA Have you ever heard of Gnosis? Or of the Gnostics of old, often associated with early Christianity? I know you've heard of Mother Earth – since we're all riding around on her all of the time – or of Mother Nature, whom we all love to visit on holidays. We tend to bring her all of our problems, and she can always make them go away, for a little while. So why is it that we have this understanding of the benevolent feminine nature of the world, but we don't seem to let it shape our reality the way it could? Is it that we simply don't know any better? I don't think so. I think we've always known better. Long ago (and even today), people knew better, and the knowledge they had (and have) was a kind of "secret knowledge," called Gnosis, from the Greek 'to know.'

Although it's often conflated with early Christianity, Gnosticism isn't a religion, but rather a way of being in the world – a path to self-realization and integration with a more profound sense of reality.

As usual, back in the old days, an understanding that couldn't be directly expressed intellectually was passed along in the form of a myth, a story that communicates the "secret knowledge" that can only be understood through an experience of the heart, not the head; and the heart is quite literally where The Feminine Divine enters in.


In the Gnostic myth of how the world works, Sophia, the feminine personification of wisdom, lives happily with spirits of light (especially her twin brother), in the unified limitless potential of her Father's radiance, created by the twin powers of Depth and Silence.

She's so dizzy with love for the Creative Source that when she sees a brilliant shimmering light below, she flings herself down into the darkness, mistakenly following what she believes to be her Father's radiance, fooled by a mere reflection. There, in the abysmal unrealized potential of the world, she is trapped – separated from the light, the spiritual realization of Gnosis – the knowledge of transcendent unity.

But Sophia remains present, and in her resurgent power she brings great beauty and spiritual potential to the earthly realm and its inhabitants. Witnessing the irresponsible creation of the world by her errant offspring, Sophia conceals Consciousness in the body of the demiurge’s first man, "Adam," and then brings it into the world as "Eve."There, the powers of the underworld have their way with her, using, abusing, and exploiting her, until all she knows is sadness in the struggle to return herself up to the light she has lost, but not forgotten. She gives birth to a bunch of bad boys, demigods called archons, including the worst of them all, the demiurgewho becomes the creator of this world, infecting it with pride, ignorance, fear, and his lust for power and pleasure.

Finally, Sophia breaks free and ascends back up to the true light of life, raising humanity with her ever so slightly. But she refuses to abandon the sad world of humans, and so she divides herself, keeping a part below, ever present and available for the enlightenment of all.

Here, we may call that Gaia – the consciousness of the world. Back up in the celestial realm of spiritual light, Sophia rediscovers Gnosis by joining her twin brother in a "marriage" of reunification, balancing the masculine ego of unrealized potential, and uniting it with the sacred feminine – made ever more powerful by adversity – into an androgynous whole. A complete person, full with the knowledge of the transcendent, unified light.


This is the sublimely sophis-ticated philo-sophy of the myth of Sophia, a path that leads not only to self-realization, but also to an understanding of the feminine heart and soul of the earth.


Sophia ends up being the giver of wisdom in so many forms: She is Shakti in Sanskrit, the powerful Hindu personification of feminine wisdom, and the personal and collective linking soul as atman, realized in the transcendent state of samadhi (Gnosis). She is the compassionate boddhisatva (Avalokiteshvara) in Buddhism, returning to light the path to nirvana (Gnosis); personified by the deity Guanyin. She is both Mother Mary, in her ascendant form, and Mary Magdalene, as the earthly companion of the Christ potential in Christian Gnosticism. In Jungian psychology, she is the unifying power ("individuation") of both the feminine and masculine archetypes, anima and animus, and of the lower self of the psyche with the higher spiritual self (Gnosis).

So you see, Sophia really gets around; or as my late uncle (by marriage), the great Jungian psychologist and philosopher, James Hillman put it: She is the Sophia of wisdom, the Maria of compassion, the Persephone of destruction, compelling Necessity and Fate, and the Muse.

As you can see our Mother Earth has a beautiful soul and continues to love us unconditionally despite all the horrific ways that we mistreat her physical vessel. She wants us to come with her. She wants us to move onto a new platform from which we too can reconnect with our own higher selves, grow, expand and become enlightened in our understanding of SELF. She invites us to come along on this beautiful journey of self discovery, offering all that she has in order to assure our safety, wellbeing and peaceful coexistence.

And so, she offers us this healing tool imprinted with her loving energies to assist us, purify all that doesn’t belong in a new reality that we continue to build daily with our thoughts, and ground us into this beautiful new world. This tools comes directly from her heart to yours, to assist you in cleansing, balancing, normalizing and healing your energy fields, all the way gently ushering you to move away from the old matrix and join her on a new path to freedom, unconditional understanding and love for all that is.

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Melchizedek, Priest of the Seventh Ray. Melchizedek, priest of the Most High God, is an ancient member of the sacred-fire priesthood that we know as the Order of Melchizedek. The Melchizidekian priesthood is very ancient, going back all the way to other star systems. It is the priesthood of the seventh ray, combining the perfect religion and the perfect science. Priests of this order are required to be scientists as well as to perfect the way of the light of God in their temples.

Melchizedek is first seen in the Biblbe as the priest of the Most High God. Melchizedek is a very key figure of light, a Guru of gurus. He was the greatest intitate and adept of the Old Testament and ascended at the conclusion of that embodiment. In chapter 7 of the Book of Hebrews we read “… first being by interpretation King of righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace; without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abided a priest continually.”

In Hebrew, the name Melchizedek means “king of right.” Therefore he is a king of righteousness who multiplies the Law of God by the right use of exercise of the Law. It also means king by right, by attainment. Melchizedek also held the title of King of Salem, which is King of Jerusalem, the Holy City. The word KING means, “Key to the INcarnaton of God.” Therefore Melchizedek, holds, by the rod of this authority and his attainment, the key to our incarnation of God in the Holy City, in the New Jerusalem.
The book of Hebrews says that Jesus was “made a high priest forever after the order of Melchisedec”. The Akashic records reveal that both Jesus and Saint Germain studied in the retreate of the Archangel Zadkiel when they were in embodiment on Atlantis. Both completed their intiations and training in order of the priesthood of Melchizedek before the sinking of the continent. They stood before Melchizedek and the great Archangel Zadkiel, who said upon these two blessed ones, “Thou art a priest forever after the order of Melchisedec” Once one receives that training and initiation, it carries over to succeeding lifetimes. Thus, Jesus was already a priest of the Order of Melchizedek before his birth in his final embodiment.

One of the symbols of Melchizedek is the Maltese cross. This cross is made up of four V’s that meet in the center of the cross, representing the four planes of Matter. Melchizedek teaching the mastery of these four planes, and he is at the heart of the cross at the point of the meeting of the lines of force of Spirit, Matter, Alpha and Omega.

The priesthood of the ascended master Melchizedek is of the seventh ray and the seventh age. You can request to become a member of that order. The first step is the giving of the violet flame. You can also write a letter to Jesus, Melchizedek and Arch Angel Zadkiel, asking to be training in the priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek. Burn the letter, and the angels will take it to the heaven world. Each day give violet-flame decrees and ask to be taken while your body sleeps at night to Archangel Zadkiel’s retreat for training. (Excerpt from the book "The Masters and their Retreats" by Mark L Prophet. )
When Melchizedek came to me and asked me to channel through the Melchizedek Reconnection Device I was surrounded by very soft and beautiful ethereal energy. It felt like I was wrapped in the arms of a loving parent. All encompassing and unconditionally loving and understanding Melchizedek presented himself to me in a form of an old and wise man a "grandfather" figure if you will.
Melchizedek's Reconnection Device is imprinted with energies which assist all three of your subtle bodies to come into complete alignment, balancing out various energies and helping you to heal your body. This disc is The Healing Key, that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase your feeling of well-being, and neutralize negativity. The disc can be placed on specific points of the body for 10-15 min or so ,to bring relief. Keeping this tool near you also help ameliorate various conditions.

Since stones and crystals vibrate and emit pure, strong vibrations at constant rates, they can be used to help eliminate distortions and restore proper balance, leading to better overall physical, mental and spiritual well being. Each stone and crystal emits subtle vibrations that influence a specific area of your body. Matching the stone or crystal to its specific use allows you to get the most benefit from these natural gifts of harmony.

The tool that you see here is comprised of genuine crystals which carry specific frequencies and are placed in specific formation, formulating a very powerful tool which has been infused by Melchizedek and his team with transformative energies to assist you in reconnecting all three of your subtle bodies (etheric, emotional and mental).

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Peridot is a semi-precious stone, better known as Chrysolite. The name for this stone came from  a Greek word Peridona ', which is translated as a "bountiful abundance." Such an unusual name for a stone is due to its ability to influence the welfare of his owner. It was that capacity that had been noted in ancient times.

The ancient witches used Peridot to strengthen the family. They believed that the gift of the beloved Peridot would preserve the family from treason. To do this, it is necessary to put gem under the light of the full moon.

Most often, Peridot is used as a magic talisman, such magical properties have been attributed to this stone by ancient wizards and sorcerers. It was thought to be able to influence the human aura.

Most psychics and witches perceive this stone to be able to destroy the evil spell and protects its owner from negative energy. It affects not only the person who carries it, but also the surrounding objects.

The owners of the stone gradually become patient over time and successful in family and personal affairs. Wearing this stone helps to strengthen the will and develop the intuition. It’s attributes are its ability to guard against fires and thefts that triumph victory over adversaries in court and to prevent the loss of property. It helps to promote sympathy among others and to make the right decisions in tricky situations.

Peridot brings courage, increases intellect, the desire to learn and teach others. Best for people who have the qualities of an inventor or an innovator.  To protect a dwelling, it must be hung on the front door, and the thief's attacks can be avoided.

Many countries use Peridot for its therapeutic properties. In Vietnam, for example, it is popular to treat liver pathology. In Armenia, this stone is used to combat vision issues. Peridot has a positive effect on emotional and mental health. It is also used to improve cardiovascular and nervous system issues.  Peridot helps women to cope with childbirth by stimulating contractions and reducing the pain. Peridot improves meteabolism and helps to heal wounds that just aren’t healing. Such things as impotence and the loss of energy due to old age are direct indications for the use of this stone. It increases the passion between spouses, even if it's long faded. Often it is used to improve the immune system of babies by having them wear it as a pendant. It also helps with headaches, hysteria, and insomnia.

The magical properties of the stone called Peridot were known of in ancient times. Many centuries ago owners of Peridot noted a rapid improvement in their material situation. The reason for this is in the special energy of the stone. It is very similar to the power of the third Chakra Manipura, which is responsible for attracting and keeping money. Those who wear a Peridot begin to receive energy to recharge their third chakra. As a result, the energy circulation in this chakra returns to normal and the person is able to make money with ease helping them to turn “anything they touch to gold”. It is very useful to wear peridot or so-called chrysolite for people who have suffered debts and financial problems. It is also useful for those looking to get a promotion.

In addition to its direct ability to attract money, the stone develops a sense of self-confidence and practical thinking in its owner. The owner of Chrysotile knows how to adapt to any situation, becomes patient and balanced. He knows the price of success and goes after what he wants turning obstacles into opportunities.

As you can see Peridot is a very powerful ally for those looking to attract abundance and that is why I was guided to use 4 peridots in my world renowned tool for attracting abundance. With this very unique and very powerful device you can access the 5th plane of existence, the realm of the ascended masters, goddesses and angelic kingdom with ease.

This Abundance Disc will help you to connect with the vibrations of Divine Mother Isis, Goddess Abundantia, Goddess Fortuna Copia ,Goddess Lakshmi, and allow them to reassure you that everything will be alright. That the universe is here to serve you. That abundance is your birthright. Only your fear is stopping you from the prosperity to flow your way.

Abundance Disc will help you to discover what you love to do, your passions and how to serve others with your unique talent.

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The Blue Topaz is known for it’s magical properties, even in the ancient times it was used for its ability to expose the mysteries of the human psyche. That’s why they call it the "Rock of psychologists." Topaz is used to make various decorations and amulets. There are several varieties of this stone that vary in color. What is interesting to note is that in antiquity, Blue Topaz was used to indicate whether or not there was any poison in someone’s food, it was believed that if there was poison, the stone would change color.

Blue Topaz is considered a symbol of prudence and forethought. It is credited with the qualities of fidelity, honesty, and spiritual purity. This stone helps to increase reaction and improve intuition. Those who own Blue Topaz become honest, decent and generous. The power of this stone is such that it enables one to dispel fears and focus important things in life. Owning a blue topaz increases intelligence. That's why the Topaz has been called a stone of philosophers since ancient times.


Many believe that the stone heals, not just the soul, but the body. It contributes to the rapid regeneration of the skin and helps to bring the nervous system into balance. Blue Topaz is favorably affects digestion, respiratory organs and prevents exhaustion. In ancient Georgia, the healers kept milk in blue topaz containers and treated eye infections with this milk tincture. The Czech used this stone to stop bleeding.


In ancient times, people believed that this rock had the ability to influence nature and the weather. This mineral attracts friends and makes its master more communicative. The blue Topaz helps soothe aggression and restore peace. You can get rid of insomnia, depression, stress, and mental disorders with the help of Blue Topaz. The magical properties of the blue Topaz can fully be felt by women, as the stone helps to treat hormonal problems, diseases of the uterus and even infertility. They used the stone to improve the condition of epilepsy. Necklaces with blue topaz help to strengthen the thyroid gland and improve the condition of the throat disease. Blue Topaz works on the nervous system, helps to calm down and normalizes the dreams. In ancient times, the stone was used as a guard against magical influences. The holder of blue topaz is protected from negative influences from the outside.

According to the famous practice of Ayurveda, the blue Topaz gives a powerful impetus to the development of intellectual abilities, gives wisdom and intuition, eliminates spurious fears, and ignites passion.

This stone is optimistic, helps to achieve success in business and financial matters, and brings joy to life. Allows to feel tranquil peace and a fireworks of positive emotions and pleasant associations. This mineral is recognized as a rock of enlightenment. It eliminates anger, irritation, hatred. The crystal purity of the blue topaz cleanses the aura and allows one to experience bliss.

Blue topaz has many more wonderful qualities and is associated with AA Michael, the throat chakra and truth, that is the reason that AA Michael has asked me to use this particular stone as part of his Archangel Michael Disc. Archangel Michael Disc is a wonderful tool that helps with restoring balance, peace and harmony, protects one from negative energies, activates throat and base charkas, connects one to AA Michael’s energies and so much more.

Known as Aphrodite’s Nails this Stone Gives Power, Confidence, Wisdom and Positive Energy. Posted on 21 Jan 13:08 , 0 comments

The legend says that the gods turned the beautiful nails of Aphrodite into stone when Eros accidentally cut her nails. This stone became known as Onyx. Apparently, the goddess valued the richness of colors because the main feature of Onyx is the presence of layers of different colors. There is no pattern in the thickness of the layers, but their near-strict similarity and contrast creates a marvelous structural pattern.

It is often called a Leader’s Stone, because the energy and power of this gemstone can only be activated by a powerful, honest and free from envy person. Only the most kind hearted and kind spirited people attracts onyx, it is only when one has such attributes that Onyx will activate and fill one with confidence, self-reliance, wisdom and positive energy.

Since the ancient times another mysterious property of Onyx attracted people's attention. This mineral has been used to create lamps. The light that passes through the Onyx begins to radiate in a magical way. It seems that the room begins to fill with many different colors and has an air of tranquility, peace, harmony and enchanted energy.

The ancient healers used onyx to take the pain away. It was believed this gem takes ones pain out of the body, transforms it, and then directs it back into the body with renewed energy which is saturated with health and strength.  
Modern alternative medicine practitioners use onyx and its varieties for medicinal purposes. It is used to reduce colic, liver and kidney pain. For inflammation or elevated temperatures. In neurological disorders, the therapeutic effect of Onyx is that it helps and restores the emotional body of a person. Onyx is able to remove nervous tension, reduce insomnia and depressive states, even suicidal tendencies.


Some people use Onyx infused water to curb appetite, thus this stone can be a very useful ally to those trying to lose weight. Onyx can improve hearing and memory. It has a positive impact males potency. Onyx assists in reducing electromagnetic stress on the body, and is a great stone to have for those who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. It helps with treatment of rheumatism and heart disease. To older people, it brings longevity, strengthens the body, provides them with optimism and protects them from unpleasant memories.

Only a good and kind hearted person can feel the true benefits of the Onyx stone. To these people does Onyx give it’s biggest power, and that is – leadership. Ability to manage others, to be two steps ahead of the competition, to think clearly and logically, to anticipate the future. Hence the reason that it was revered in India. The importance of Onyx was very high, and it was revered for being able to take away negative energy and give its owner the wisdom and serenity. Onyx strengthens spirituality and assists in keeping a marriage filled with happiness. It is believed to help get rid of indecision, shyness and suspiciousness. In India, Onyx was always regarded as a symbol of good luck.

Onyx is a very special and powerful stone which is why I was instructed to use it as part of my extremely powerful Sephirot Seraphim Disc. Seraphim Sephirot Tree of Life Disc - Extremely powerful tool. Only for those who are ready to be completely transformed, or those who have been working in the healing arts for sometime. This is not a toy but a very, very powerful device to assist you not only in fully transforming and aligning to your true self, but more so to assist you in assisting others in doing the same.

Sephirot Device balances out not only all 7 of your chakras, but assists in activating the 10 emanations of the Kabbalah Tree of Life. This is a VERY powerful tool, to be used by those who are ready to open up to all of their virtues.

Incredibly useful for healers and those working in the healing and creative arts. This device will cleanse you out, so be ready for tremendous transformations to take place after meditating with this disc for a while.

You can use this device on your clients, simply by placing it on that body part which needs healing. Once you do so, you will be able to open a gateway to their subconsciousness and various thoughts will arise for them to release, various emotions will come up in order to heal whatever is ailing them.

The 13 Sacred Keys - AA Metatron Posted on 21 Jan 10:53 , 2 comments

The symbol that represents AA Metatron and all that he stands for is the six pointed star. This star is the representation of Merkaba, Merkaba is the representation of that which is below so it is above. That which I see is that which I do not see. That which I am is that which I am not. For the creation of the Merkaba vehicle encompasses within it’s structure the perfection of the human understanding of all that is, and all that is not. The union of the Masculine and Feminine energies intertwined to create one whole, a whole of existence a whole of knowledge a whole of your I AM presence.

And as such, and thus, the informational decree from the Merkaba Vehicle is more than simply a representation, for in essence it is a key to unlock the very depth of your heart space, for the six pointed star, a highly intuitive star is the representation of the HEART code, the HEART space, the HEART chakra.

And as such, and since all that you intuitively perceive is passed through the heart and not through cortexes of the brain of the human vehicle, all that is and all that is not is decoded by your heart. And from within your heart your Markaba’s powers arise.

By interlacing the two six pointed stars you bring forth the creation of mankind, the creation of the cosmic gateways and the creation of the eternal OM, for that which is flat becomes that which is full. The creation of the three dimensional reality manifesting in the 13th dimensional flow of energy (two stars on top of each other create 13 points, representing 13 dimensions). Amplifying this energy further still by encompassing such energies within a circle of life (the disc is round –circle- and made of quartz glass which amplifies and clarifies the energies).

And as such the interlacing of the two stars brings forth the meaning of that which you are and the potential of that which you may become. Opening the doors to the gateway of truth, the gateway through which all is shown as is, and the heart begins to comprehend that which is standing before it, shattering the illusions, the fear thereby melts away, allowing your own prowess and powers of the etheric world to come forth into the three dimensional existence, you are now finding yourself in. And as such the powers of you own being are amplified.

Upon the presence of the Metatron’s Clearing & Protection Disc, you are then embraced in pure unconditional love of the creator and your creator self. And from within the disc the energies that are embracing you are magnified and form a spinning Merkaba field around your own body to shield and protect your divinity from that which you wish not to experience, from that energies which are not for your highest good, opening up your own consciousness further still, delivering the message from the divine and reminding you of your own divinity.

That is the power of the Metatron’s Disc, that is the power of the Merkaba, that is the power of the six pointed star, that is the power of your own heart, that is the power of that which YOU ARE!
Metatron's Original Key - This disc protects from various negative energies, psychic attacks, dark thought forms. It protects and activates the heart chakra, assists in healing various ailments and so much more.

Protects the home up to 13 feet in diameter from wherever this disc is located. Assists in opening up of various gateways for key holders.

Key holders are those who guard space portals around the globe. At specific moments in time these portals must be opened, and only the key holders can assist in opening these gateways. Metatron's Key assists in these endeavors as well by offering assistance, protection and energetic upliftment in doing so. If you are drawn to AA Metatron's Disc it only means that you are part of the Key Holder's Network. This is a versatile disc that helps to heal, protect and guide.

Avalon’s Keeper of Sacred Knowledge Posted on 28 Nov 12:20 , 0 comments

Moonstone – a keeper of sacred knowledge.

I'm fascinated by the Rainbow Moon Stone and its properties. This stone embodies the Highest Priestess of Avalon, keeper of sacred knowledge, which she taught onto others, a caring sister and a loving mother. The rainbow moonstone infuses and balances the emotional body.

It takes away the pain of our suffering and wounds. With its mysterious beauty it speaks to our subconscious mind. It connects us with the eternal wisdom of the heart and our true identity. Moonstone links us to our feminine side, which is manifested not in action, but in sensation. It can help us return to the state of stillness and if we are lost connect us to a place that cherishes our soul, where we reconnect to the wisdom and the best of our abilities and resources.

A rock that helps you understand and embrace your destiny

We can't "do" the most important things in life. We seek the right action, but we cannot always be in control of everything that goes on around us. As I look back on my life, I see that the most important events and turning points have not been controlled by me. No matter how in control of any given situation I tried to be, the outcome of any situation has always exceeded any expectation that I could have possibly imagined.

The situations that I found myself in throughout my life simply could not have found a happy ending if I did not let go and trust the universe. The Rainbow Moonstone helps us do exactly that – LET GO and TRUST that everything is being worked out for the greater good of all involved. The Rainbow Moonstone teaches us that our life’s journey is not a burden, but a beautiful mystery to enjoy, discover and partake of.

The  Rainbow Moonstone will be a great companion to our male friends, husbands and lovers. This stone infuses one with a bit of femininity and helps to connect to one’s own feelings. The warrior's heart will be infused with softness and sensitivity. Give your man a large moon stone so he can wear it in his pocket or in the form of a suspension on his chest.

The Ancient Myths of Moonstone

There are many myths associated with the moonstone in different cultures. Hindus thought it was made from the moons rays and if one would hold this stone in their mouth during the full moon, that it was possible to see the future. In india it was considered a sacred stone that would grant fortune.  

Arabian women would saw the moonstone into their underwear because they thought it brought prosperity and abundance. The Romans attributed romance, femininity, and daydreaming to the moonstone. It was valued by lovers because it was believed to awaken passion and help one see the future.

The stone was considered to be feminine, giving the joy of motherhood. But was also honored by travelers as the Moonstone was considered a talisman. In general, the Moonstone is a crystal of emotion and sensuality, intuition and enlightenment that is alien to pragmatic thinking.

For centuries, people have been trying to figure out the mysteries of the Moonstone: What makes this stone give off life energy? How is it able to cure nine out of ten diseases? Hhow does it change color and brightness during the full moon or in anticipation of trouble for the wearer?

Ancient people linked these mysterious characteristics to the allegedly none-terrestrial origin of the Moonstone, considering this mineral to be the tears of the moon. Scientists of our day tested the chemical composition of moonstone, and found that it contains a chemical element called selenium. And yet they still can’t figure out the true mystery of this stone.

Moonstone has truly unique physical properties.

Apart from the fact that the color range of this stone is very wide, and the glow of the moonstone is inferior to that of the jewels of diamonds, the glow of this mineral begins to mysteriously grow during the full moon.

It is at this time that strange things begin happening with those who own a moonstone, old diseases in people disappear and people begin to feel better and become more energetic. In addition, the Moonstone begins to change its color, it either darkens or brightens if it’s owner’s health is being affected. This is how the moonstone saves and protects it’s owner, from all the ills.

Moonstone is like a chameleon easily adjusting to any outfit, color of the eyes and hair. On the one hand it is as if it adjusts to the image of its master, morphing into one whole with its owner and, on the other, it highlights all the external virtues of the wearer.

What secret conceals the moonstone that can actively influence the life of its master by changing it for the better? Why do people who bought the Moonstone become more successful, cheerful, happy, and rich? Could its link with the moon truly be the reason for all these magical properties?

Perhaps the Moonstone was sent to us from the moon herself to protect us, to become a silent but faithful companion of the human race. One things for sure, the mystery of the Moonstone seems to be the positive energy that this stone brings into our lives.

Archangel Gabriel is one of the archangels that is associated with the moon and Moonstone is known to be one of the crystals used to communicate with AA Gabriel.  I was guided to use the Rainbow Moonstone by Archangel Gabriel in the tool that she had me channel and bring to life called AA Gabriel – The Voice of God.  Archangel Gabriel Disc will help you to connect easier with energy of Archangel Gabriel. It will help to Increase the flow of love, prosperity, and wealth into your life. This amazing tool will help you to link to your own higher self, help to bring forth your subconscious connection to your divine plan, your earthly mission.

Love, Light, Abundance, Peace, Harmony and Bliss – these are the words to describe this magnificent angel. But Archangel Gabriel stands for so much more. Gabriel stands for a direct link to your own higher self, direct link to bring forth your subconscious connection to your divine plan, your earthly mission.