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My name is Natalya Ankh and I am the creator of Metaphysical Ascension Power Tools for Healers, Light workers and all of humanity. 

Many times I get asked the same question from many of you who are asking me why I am using particular crystals, and gemstones in my metaphysical tools. To help you understand more about my creations, I have decided to start a blog and talk about various gemstones and crystals I am using. You can read my blog by clicking here.  

There I will share my experiences during the creation of my very unique and powerful metaphysical devices.I will talk about  Spiritual experiences of other people , I will talk about spiritual awaking and  Spiritual Growth   process  about Soul Purpose and about other interesting and exciting  New Earth Ascension Transmission

Since my childhood, I was fascinated by beauty and intelligence of crystals and stones.  I am very lucky to have my incredible mother, who was a geologist and was in love with her job. It was a different time, in the middle of last century, the 1950’s and 60’s, we did not have computers back then and to find Gold or Gemstones or any Minerals, geologist had to walk miles and miles, walk up to the mountains walking through the wild forests, through the swamps and rivers, to find the site of various minerals, stones, gemstones and crystals.

I couldn’t be always with my mom I couldn’t walk with her everywhere, but I had access to all these treasures that they found! I was playing with stones I was speaking with crystals, I had a few of my favorite ones and I would keep them always with me.  They were alive! They were teaching me how to survive in this world, how to not feel lonely.  How to use them to treat the pain, physical and emotional. I felt that we are ONE. When I was holding the crystals I felt a connection to something BIG, connection to unconditional LOVE .

I lived in communist country, where nobody was allowed to talk about GOD, about spiritual life.  And of course I didn’t know who did I speak with, who was teaching me to work with all these incredible tools. It was only when I was called to my spiritual awakening did I start to understand who was guiding me all my life and what is my life purpose.

7cb628440dd27e2edb0264b8cc805171What should I do to help light workers and all of humanity, and this time I became a co-creator of amazing incredible powerful metaphysical tools. When I woke up I was shown that I have spent a lot of time on this planet, that I have dealt with crystals in many of my previous lives where I would work with them and help others. I was shown that I have ascended and have come back to earth to assist everyone on the ascension path. I was told by my guides that I am what is known as a Wise One, but also that I have very high links to the Hathors! It was funny for me to learn that I have a link to Hathors and that I was one in the past incarnation, because my favorite animal is a COW and I collect different things that are cow related! In fact, when I was growing up, I would sometimes go with my mom to the country where one of my friends was a cow! We played together in the field full of flowers and it was the most magical time.

Many years I lived in separation and forgetfulness of who I am, but now I see and feel the energies, hear the Divine voices of my Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters, as well as various star beings, who Guided me to create these incredible tools to help you to connect with your guides, to connect to your home planets, connect to YOURSELF.

To help you understand more about my creation I will talk about gemstones and crystals, about my experiences during the creation of my very unique and powerful devices on my blog. And I will try to communicate with you through my blog and share as much information as I can. But I am not very computer and internet savvy, so I will have assistance from wonderful souls who have agreed to assist me in making all of this information available for you. It is my greatest hope that together we bring this world into a peaceful state that it is meant to be!

In Love & Light,

Natalya Ankh
Creator & Channel of Ascension Metaphysical Tools. To learn more about my Metaphysical Devices please visit