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When a child is born, the first thing that he reacts to is his mother’s soul. At birth, he does not realize his body or his mother's body, he only feels the soul. When she is finally born this separation from the mother is quite traumatic and the child wants to go back to the mother's womb. At this level, her mind and ego are not yet developed. It is a pure spirit, and it is the spirit that seeks comfort in the spirit of the mother, and through this connection the child seeks comfort and support in a new, unfamiliar environment. Such a reaction is true love, or unconditional love, it is not a response, but a pure joy in the unity of two spiritual beings.

The heart chakra is the abode of the true "I", the Spirit, the Atma-these words mean the same thing. Sri Mataji says, "You are the spirit that is inside of you." We need to understand and become the spirit and stop living in a silly, illusory world. We are beginning our path of spiritual growth after we have attained our own realization, when we stop identifying ourselves with the body, mind, and emotion. Only after such enlightenment can we direct our attention into our heart and cleanse it. The spirit is awakened only in a pure and open heart, and then we feel the endless joy of peace and understand the meaning and purpose of our stay here on earth. We cleanse our hearts through pure desire and through our attention. Pronunciation of mantras, such as "I am a pure soul" is very effective for our transformation, but this should not be a mechanical action but must come from the heart.


Pure love that enlightens us is the quality of the heart chakra. Before enlightenment we seldom love for the purpose of love, because we confuse love with lust because of our conditioning. Pure Love is unconditional, it has no purpose, like a tree that throws a shadow without prejudice and reason to anyone. True love comes from the heart, not the body or the mind.

In India, when the groom enters the bride's house, she greets him at the doorstep and pays homage to his spirit. Marriage is a spiritual union. Without the recognition of the spirit, marriage will be unstable. This condition, in turn, has an adverse effect on the heart center and makes it insecure. Hence, instead of trust between husband and wife, there is a latent anxiety. Many of the problems of insecurity in our society arise from such emotional scars, not only because of the anxiety about money and material things.

Love often mistakenly perceived as the love between a man and a woman. In fact, love is a flow of life that flows in all directions: between children and parents, sisters and brothers, friends, older people, etc. When people unite and care for each other, then the heart centre of the whole world opens. This creates a collective consciousness that changes the world for the better.

It's the power of love. Love is the fundamental principle of all the vibrations. We say that God is love, and love is God. There's no "I" and "You" in true love, but a spirit of unity. In this state we experience true human unity, the true union of life. We can be of different colors of skin, of different shapes, of different qualities, but once we become a spirit, all the drops become a single ocean with vibrations dancing to different rhythms, they take different forms, they go apart, and they connect again in the Eternal cosmic dance. Hatred and envy form a thread that flows in the opposite direction of cosmic rhythms. Where there is love, there is growth, a holiday, a joy and ascension.

Anahata Chakra- Heart Charka – What it’s responsible for

The green chakra resides in the middle of the chest.  It is responsible for the sensual thin body of man. Anahata connects the upper and lower chakras, allowing energy to circulate as intended by the creator. It combines the material, emotional, spiritual and intellectual origins of man. The symbol Anahata is the six pointed star. Its center symbolizes the heart chakra, and the vertices of the geometric shape, similar to the star of David, signify the rest of the chakras.

Among the things that Anahata (heart) chakra is responsible for at the physical level is the cardiovascular system, the arms and the skin. As in the case of chakra Vishuddha, the lungs fall into its sphere of influence.

There are many definitions that are meant to explain what love is. If you look at the value of Anahata, you can determine that it is a collection of physical desires, emotions and feelings, spiritual desires, and intellectual pursuits. Anahata is the energy center of love that depends on loving and caring, and compassion. That's why Anahata is a source of healing abilities.

Healing through magic is available only to people who can empathize with other people's problems, who can be compassionate, to feel love for all creatures living on earth. It is simply impossible to gain magical powers by ignoring chakras in general, and Anahata in particular.

It is responsible for the ability to establish contact with others, and without it, it is impossible to establish contact with the universe. In addition, Anahata gives you the opportunity to see the beauty of nature, its harmony and its cyclical character. A man who can observe the harmony of the world will seek to harmonize his life. Anahata turns words into feelings and emotions by interacting with the throat chakra. Flowing down to the solar plexus, the emotions are purified and replenished by a reserve of personal strength and vital energy.


The balanced heart charka paints the following picture.

A person with a healthy heart chakra remains faithful to their other half. They never cheat on their partner. Because, such people are well aware of what family values and are happily married.

Such individuals experience love for all. They feel the creator's power in any living creature. Such people can behold nature and love it. They often find themselves able to magically work through the forces of nature. An open Anahata does not allow you to be unsure. People with a harmonic heart chakra are not afraid to show their weak side. They're always confident, they don't have any internal conflicts.

A healthy chakra helps one to accept the feelings of others. Its holders are always calm about the emotions of close people. They also don't like to keep their emotions bottled up. In communication, people with a harmonious anahata like to be able to read the thoughts of others. They can feel the emotions and feelings of others, and also use their very developed intuition. Maybe that's why they're not afraid to express their feelings and be rejected. It's nice to talk to people like that. After talking to them, the problems and the difficulties just vanish.

However, the harmony of their internal peace is not violated, and emotions coming from the outside do not violate it. People who don't need to find an answer to a question about how to unlock anahata never have any problems communicating. They are sought for assistance in a difficult situations, and they readily come to the rescue, all the way being grateful that they are able to assist others. Such individuals are willing to help everyone who comes onto their path even those whom they do not know. They enjoy helping others.

When the heart charka is blocked.

If, on the other hand, the 4 Chakra Anahata is blocked, it is manifested in the form of frequent colds. There may also be insomnia, chronic fatigue and constant tension, and inability to relax and rest. In addition, heart diseases is a symptom of anahata imbalance. High or low blood pressure, frequent pains in the heart — these signs should be a cause of alarm.

Problems with the green chakra make a person incapable of fidelity. The problem in relationships is a first sign that there are issue in the heart charka and it is important for these inviduals to find out how to open their Anahata’s.  

Those with heart charka imbalance are often convinced that they are not worthy of love. They are rude and unemotional, most often unable to build a strong family. Such individuals are not always left alone, causing suffering to close people.

An individual with a closed heart chakra is unable to believe in miracles. The fact is that the power of faith goes into the etheric body of man through heart and throat chakras. If one of them does not work correctly, the person will close the emotions and feelings. He can love, but that love is far from divine. Selfishness is a rather mundane feeling. Sometimes people with imbalanced chakras enjoy to ridicule others ' feelings and consider expression of feelings as their weakness.

Sometimes imbalances in Anahata manifest in one imposing their feelings onto others. They want to forcefully take care of others regardless of whether others need their care. In this case, they will not get back what they gave to others because entrance of the heart chakra is blocked. This leads to emotional and energetic exhaustion, as well as anger and resentment against the entire world.

That is why it is so important to keep your heart charka in balance. Archangel Raphael’s energies can assist in keeping your Anahata balanced. Which is exactly what my world famout AA Raphael Disc does. It opens the heart charka and keeps it in balance, it connects one to the energy of AA Raphael and the healing universal energy of love and so much more. An overall healing disc AA Raphael is sure to find a special place in your heart.


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