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My own introduction to Archangel Metatron happened many years ago when I was going through a very rough time. I was in the process of awakening and transformation but did not know what to do going forward. It was then that AA Metatron has come to me and showed me a blueprint for my very first disc, a disc that he said was for Anna. I quickly realized which Anna he meant and listened intently to each and every stroke of genius.

I stood up all night ordering very specific gemstones which had to be cut in a certain way to reflect the light, each one had to be of a certain shape, round, pyramid, leaf, etc. I needed copper and quartz glass that had to be of certain quality and shape.

When I woke up in the morning the image did not leave me, and I eagerly awaited for all the ingredients to arrive, and when they did with my hands shaking in anticipation of what I was going to create under the guidance of AA Metatron overwhelmed me with joy and enthusiasm. Few hours later the Original AA Metatron disc was born. It was breathtaking and so powerful.

Giving it to Anna has changed my life because it was from that moment that I started a new chapter of my life, designing metaphysical disc and tools for all of you. I am beyond grateful to AA Metatron and today would like to share with you a little bit more about who AA Metatron is.

From  my own experience with this Archangel I can say that he is one of the most benevolent and yet demanding teachers. I have to say that I see Metatron as a wise, very powerful, but incredibly modern type of teacher, a guide that has a sense of humor but can at any moment in time be very strict and even pushy at times.

Pushy in a good way, as he always knows what’s best for your soul seeing everything from birds eye view he guides and pushes one to their limit, which truly do not exist. He asks you to truly look deep within yourself and extract that magic that you have brought with you from the ethers. He is an incredible companion to have.

I only know him from the perspective of creating various metaphysical tools, but talking about him to others have painted a varied picture of Archangel Metatron. Gathering this information, I thought to share it with you today.

  • Metatron is like a powerful grandfather who at the same time is your dearest old friend. He comes to you in the most difficult moments and takes charge. Shaking you into your power he forces you to remember your inner being.
  • Demanding and yet very loving and warm, you know that his strictness comes from immense love for you. You know that he sees your potential and brings it forward.
  • Metatron is a big jokester and loves to joke by pointing out various signs and helping to bring forth various situations that leave me smiling. He points out the absurdity of various situations in life and at the same time, points out the miracle of synchronicity. Showcasing to me how easy life truly is, and that everything is within my reach, all I am out to do is listen, and trust.
  • The biggest point that Metatron and his team, and he does have a team of Angels who come to assist everyone through his energy, is trust in one’s own abilities. He shows you the way to the power of your own self, and makes you see that you truly are powerful and a creator of your own life. Giving you the tools that you need in order to carve out the type of path that you want to walk on this planet.

Metatron embodies all the mysterious metaphysical prowess of the ethers, ingenious to the scientific world of metaphysics he illustrates that anything is possible if only you allow your true powerful nature to shine through the exterior. He assists one in manifesting that which is unmanifest and like a strong gust of wind carries you to the right point in time on your journey to assure huge success in all of your endeavors.

You can call upon AA Metatron for assistance, but only if you are fully ready to take responsibility for your actions, listen to the guidance and be prepared to make significant changes in your life. Metatron is the Archangel of truth and will be honest with you whether you like it or not.

There is no sugarcoating when it comes to communicating with AA Metatron, he will tell you how it is, and will not listen to any excuses. He is patient but demanding, loving but strict, ever evolving within and without. This is one ally that you want to have on your team, a hurricane of transformation, an ally to all who are ready to change this world.

I love Archangel Metatron, work with him daily and infuse his energies in his AA Metatron Key that he has literally made me bring through to this planet – the AA Metatron Disc - This disc protects from various negative energies, psychic attacks, dark thought forms. It protects and activates the heart chakra, assists in healing various ailments and so much more.

Protects the home up to 13 feet in diameter from wherever this disc is located. Assists in opening up of various gateways for key holders.

Key holders are those who guard space portals around the globe. At specific moments in time these portals must be opened, and only the key holders can assist in opening these gateways. Metatron's Key assists in these endeavors as well by offering assistance, protection and energetic upliftment in doing so. If you are drawn to AA Metatron's Disc it only means that you are part of the Key Holder's Network. 

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