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The crystal purity of this stone cleanses the aura and allows one to experience bliss. Posted on 9 Feb 20:31 , 0 comments

The Blue Topaz is known for it’s magical properties, even in the ancient times it was used for its ability to expose the mysteries of the human psyche. That’s why they call it the "Rock of psychologists." Topaz is used to make various decorations and amulets. There are several varieties of this stone that vary in color. What is interesting to note is that in antiquity, Blue Topaz was used to indicate whether or not there was any poison in someone’s food, it was believed that if there was poison, the stone would change color.

Blue Topaz is considered a symbol of prudence and forethought. It is credited with the qualities of fidelity, honesty, and spiritual purity. This stone helps to increase reaction and improve intuition. Those who own Blue Topaz become honest, decent and generous. The power of this stone is such that it enables one to dispel fears and focus important things in life. Owning a blue topaz increases intelligence. That's why the Topaz has been called a stone of philosophers since ancient times.


Many believe that the stone heals, not just the soul, but the body. It contributes to the rapid regeneration of the skin and helps to bring the nervous system into balance. Blue Topaz is favorably affects digestion, respiratory organs and prevents exhaustion. In ancient Georgia, the healers kept milk in blue topaz containers and treated eye infections with this milk tincture. The Czech used this stone to stop bleeding.


In ancient times, people believed that this rock had the ability to influence nature and the weather. This mineral attracts friends and makes its master more communicative. The blue Topaz helps soothe aggression and restore peace. You can get rid of insomnia, depression, stress, and mental disorders with the help of Blue Topaz. The magical properties of the blue Topaz can fully be felt by women, as the stone helps to treat hormonal problems, diseases of the uterus and even infertility. They used the stone to improve the condition of epilepsy. Necklaces with blue topaz help to strengthen the thyroid gland and improve the condition of the throat disease. Blue Topaz works on the nervous system, helps to calm down and normalizes the dreams. In ancient times, the stone was used as a guard against magical influences. The holder of blue topaz is protected from negative influences from the outside.

According to the famous practice of Ayurveda, the blue Topaz gives a powerful impetus to the development of intellectual abilities, gives wisdom and intuition, eliminates spurious fears, and ignites passion.

This stone is optimistic, helps to achieve success in business and financial matters, and brings joy to life. Allows to feel tranquil peace and a fireworks of positive emotions and pleasant associations. This mineral is recognized as a rock of enlightenment. It eliminates anger, irritation, hatred. The crystal purity of the blue topaz cleanses the aura and allows one to experience bliss.

Blue topaz has many more wonderful qualities and is associated with AA Michael, the throat chakra and truth, that is the reason that AA Michael has asked me to use this particular stone as part of his Archangel Michael Disc. Archangel Michael Disc is a wonderful tool that helps with restoring balance, peace and harmony, protects one from negative energies, activates throat and base charkas, connects one to AA Michael’s energies and so much more.